Saturday, November 26, 2011

Some comics...

These are some of the projects I did in my Political Cartooning class (Junior year)... NOTE: not all of them are political WHATSOEVER :P

Monday, November 21, 2011

Here's some naked people...

Figure drawing from Freshman Drawing and Anatomical Figure Drawing (Junior year)

 aaaaaand a skeleton

Here's some frogs...

Poison Dart Frog Stamps done for my Zoological/Botanical Illustration course, done digitally Sophomore year

Here's some stuff...

I kinda abandoned the whole "I'm gonna post all my art here so it'll be another portfolio site" and I'm just gonna post whatever...
soooooo here's some stuff:

Picasso self-portrait done for my Freshman year Drawing class

Self-portrait from and interesting viewpoint for Freshman Drawing class

First watercolor project in Freshman Drawing class

Master artwork surreal compilation also done for Freshman drawing class

Dysfunctional Greek monster family for Freshman Illustration I

Famous person portrait project (try to say that 5 times fast) for Freshman Illustration I

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Highschool work

Alrighty, let's start with some of my better art pieces I've done while in highschool...

Oh man! Look at this strapping young man! Just kidding, that's me.
This is a pencil drawn self-portrait.

This is another piece featuring me being a ninja in China (done from a picture I had taken while there).
Done in chalk pastel and pastel pencils.

This is my Peek-A-Boo Frog done from a greeting card I got once. I love me some tree frogs!
Also done in chalk pastel.

These are my first two pen and ink pieces ever! System Of A Down and Captain Jack Sparrow respectfully.

A concentration piece I did (my concentration was martial arts of course) where the large figure is in "Snake Creeps Downward" stance in front of the Chinese symbol "Wu" which means "martial." The mini scroll next to it has mini figures doing stances, kicks, and punches mimicking Chinese calligraphy.
Done with colored pencils, acrylic paint, and chalk pastels on cardboard and cardboard paper.

Finally, the three pictures above are still life drawings (set up in our classroom by our teacher). The first is a study of the folds in hanging fabric. The second is the study of folds in fabric and its interaction with other objects. The final piece is the same motif as the others, but in color with a variety of different textures and objects.
The first two are charcoal pieces and the third is done with oil pastels.

Stay tuned for College Freshman pieces! Same Zack time, same Zack channel!! ^_^

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I have a blog now...

... there... I did it...
... gosh it's awfully quiet in here... O_o